Science and Humanities

Science And Humanities

All students of the institute, irrespective of their individual branches are taught common subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Communicative English and Behavioural Science. A galaxy of skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members of the same strives to train the students in basic science, language and its application for engineering systems. This particular training serves for a concrete foundation and a stable platform for further studies. The department has laboratories with equipments, tools, chemicals and experimental set-ups for clear understanding of the subjects.

The Department also provides training on “Interpersonal Skills”, “Body Language”, “Professional Etiquettes”, “Writing Skills” etc.


Administrative Block

Administrative Block: Established in year 2008, having Chairman’s Room, Director’s Room, Assistant Director’s Room, Principal’s Room, Accounts Department, Examination Department, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Department of Science and Humanities and Library.