RTCIT Courses

Civil Engineering

Billed as the mother of all branches, Civil Engineering has a pivotal role to play not only in shaping up numerous young careers but also in realizing goals of national importance.

Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science Engineering has emerged as a very sophistcated branch in a short span of time since its outset in 2008. There are ten Computer Labs catering to all academic and industrial needs of the students.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics engineering generally deals with the study and applicaton of electricity in all its practical forms. Considered as an epitome branch, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at RTCIT commenced in 2011.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics and material science for analysis, design manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical system.

Science And Humanities

All students of the institute, irrespective of their individual branches are taught common subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Communicative English and Behavioural Science.

Computer Science & Engineering in Cyber Security

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) plays a crucial role in the field of Cyber Security. Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary field that involves protecting computer systems, networks, and data from security breaches or unauthorized access.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department firmly believes in imparting strong hands-on favor to the courses that a student takes, and therefore places emphasis on the laboratory equipment, internships, and projects.


Administrative Block

Administrative Block: Established in year 2008, having Chairman’s Room, Director’s Room, Assistant Director’s Room, Principal’s Room, Accounts Department, Examination Department, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Department of Science and Humanities and Library.